I’ve been writing pretty steadily ever since July Camp NaNoWriMo started, which I’m surprised at myself. I’m still on track for the normal goal but behind on the stretch goal, but hey, it’s a stretch goal. No need to sweat too much about it, right?

Until this week. Yep, I haven’t written a word since Tuesday. On the one hand it’s good that my ‘can’t get past third day’ curse has now morphed to ‘can’t get past third week’ curse, on the other, well I can’t get past third week! I need to write more! Or at least continue where I left off, but for one reason or another I’ve just been procrastinating. It’s true that I’m starting a new chapter so I’m a little bit apprehensive on my characterization, setting, etc., but that’s no excuse. And it certainly shouldn’t have crippled my drive. I’m chalking it up to constant stress the past two weeks writing. But come on, if I can’t handle stress this mild (?) how does the rest of the world handle a daily stressful job? Granted, the logical side of me is saying that I actually have a daily stressful job with essentially no breaks, but like I said everyone is going through the same thing more or less intact (save people who don’t have to do anything to stay alive ala trust fund people etc.). I mean they also have other stresses like providing for a family and taking care of children and all that stuff. I’m living it easy for now, so it’s even stupider that I can’t work now.

I’m not sure whether I’ll get more writing today. I did just buy a new journal for writing notes – I found the idea of actually keeping a written notebook of all of my ideas rather than randomly strew them across various online platforms to be a better route. I am definitely a digital-age writer – couldn’t ever imagine writing anything longhand, not even when I first started. But with the discovery of bullet journaling I’m slowly coming back around to paper and pen once more. Maybe if I can’t get words down I can at least get more brainstorming to help with the words later. I still have ample time to catch up.


A Little Behind

I didn’t work yesterday. I also didn’t work on July 4th because I went a party that lasted pretty much all day. It was awesome! Just…not very productive…

I have so many things I want to talk about on this blog it’s kind of, I don’t know, intimidating? I feel like once I miss the window (like, say, watching Wonder Woman a month ago and STILL HAVEN’T got around to blog about how pretty awesome it was. Or Moonlight. I really want to talk about it but I saw that movie seriously like half a year ago. There’s still half a post sitting in the draft folder. Crazy.) I totally would never talk about it again. It just feels so weird, you know? So..I don’t know where I’m going with this exactly, just that I want to post more and just been too lazy. Major procrastinator, this one.

I’m going to work today. I’m actually doing fairly well on Camp NaNoWriMo for once, pretty much kept to schedule until, well, yesterday. And if you’re thinking “girl it’s only been 7 days” well, I don’t think I’ve ever kept up past day 3 in these challenges, so it’s almost double the length, so, yeah, totally legit victory!

Ugh, lame, I know. Well, I’m going to try to catch up this weekend. At least then I can say I kept going despite setbacks, and not that I failed again. Fingers crossed.

And The Day Marches On

Well, after my brief adventure in plumbing, I’m happy to report that the best possible outcome happened. Yay!!!

The plumber found a replacement part. It was a surprisingly expensive part, actually. Plus his labor we paid about 250 bucks for the whole thing. The good thing is that it’s still under home warranty so we got a rebate of 170 something so we basically just paid for the part. There is a considerate hole in our wall now that my s.o. will have to patch, but our shower’s working again and we did not spend over a grand on it, which is good!

I did not expect the whole shenanigan to seriously cut into my writing time. I need to get my headspace straight. I mean in the future I imagine a whole slew of things will cut into my writing time all the time, and I can’t let those things stop me. Otherwise I will never get anything done, you know? My dream will just be a dream, and it’s 99% my fault for not achieving it. (I attribute 1% to depression. Yes, it has an affect, but most of my lack of progress stems from my fears, not crippling depression.) Camp Nanowrimo July is coming up and I need to make progress. So this week I will try very hard to. I will report back on how I do probably on Thursday. It’s like once I get over 3 days I can keep going, but the third day always trips me up.


I really should be talking about my Japan trip. But it’s E3 this week and I’ve been horrible, and I mean just horrible, with my work ethics lately. So I think it’s best, probably, that I wait until all the conferences are over and I can concentrate again. (Kind of ironic that making myself write the things I’m suppose to write, that I planned to write, i.e. the trip, would kind of counteract the whole procrastination thing because I actually didn’t put off what I was supposed to do, but, alas, what can you do?) So, yes, tomorrow (hopefully!) I will recount the trip. At least the Kyoto portion. Yeesh.

But today I probably will be working a little (should be a lot but, ugh, again, I suck at this working thing) but there’re two conferences that I like to watch so….we’ll see how much actually gets done. The Sony one, especially. And hopefully tomorrow we get to find out a few more thing about Nintendo (no way I’m getting up at 8 am just to watch a Treehouse presentation, though) and I finally can get my hand on that Ever Oasis demo. God knows that game needs a demo for me to decide if I want to buy it on day one or not. It looks so charming and Fantasy Life-like, but is it? People are griping about the tutorial length already (I for one, don’t mind lengthy tutorials if they’re cute and charming, which it looks like it is.). I’m just glad Nintendo is still doing the demo thing at all.