NaNoWriMo Prep

I am prepping for NaNoWriMo this month.

I’ve decided this year for NaNo I’m going to work on two things at once. I need to continue to write my first novel, because god damn that thing needs to be done by now. Of course I’ll be writing it throughout October too, and maybe into December? Anyway, that is a given. In the meantime, I will also write a brand new second novel. The second one will be more fun and casual than my first, because I can’t work on two depressing and serious works at once. I will also care less about how “perfect” the second novel will be, which, to be honest, probably means that I will actually finish that one much faster than my first one. I’m usually my own worst enemy.

So for October I will be doing my usual twist on the Snowflake Method to prep for the new novel. I am quite excited, yes – nothing like a new idea to get a writer’s blood pumping. My first novel will be like my day job while this second novel is the “real” NaNo project, like many NaNo participants who have real job to pay bills while working on NaNo on the side. Am I expecting to “win” NaNo and write 50k words in one month? Nope. I think my monthly word count tops off at 20k; 25k if I push. It doesn’t matter, really. The point of the whole exercise for me is a structured way of working, which I’m still not great at doing despite a few years of practice already. I think once I get that conquered I’ll feel much more validated as a writer, even if I haven’t published anything as of yet.


Moving Goalposts?

Well, more like a more realistic assessment on how fast I can finish this novel. I did a brief calculation yesterday and it looks like it’ll be a few days into March for me to finish it, if I write on schedule. It’s not ideal, but I know for a fact it won’t take longer than that. It’s just…I was hoping it’ll be done mid-February. I have no idea how to convey this to my s.o. because, as supportive as he is, he is definitely on the “omg how long will this take you it’s already been two years!” It’s true. And it’s 100% my fault. (Well, it’s partly depression’s fault, but ultimately that’s kind of an excuse, you know? I could’ve worked harder when I was less depressed, and I certainly could’ve this past month) So I’m just hoping he won’t ask until February and then I can be like, hey I’m done with 25 out of the 31 parts I’m going to have so…please wait a few more weeks?

Yeah…I better get to work.