Went to get my ultrasound done. Turns out they’ll have to send it to radiology and then in 2-3 business days I can call my doctor for a result. Great. More waiting. I was also required to consume 32oz of water an hour before the test. Thought my bladder was going to burst. Am okay now.

On a happier note, I finally was able to pre-order a Nintendo Switch. Been wanting once since it came out like six months ago. Couldn’t find a lick of it anywhere in So Cal, let along L.A. Now they’ve come out with the Mario bundle so I just jumped at the chance. The red controllers are much prettier than the standard two colors. Plus I can finally go play Breath of the Wild ffs! That’s the only game I want anyway. Crazy how hard it was to get that demand met.

And now I’m going to grill some squid for dinner. Ciao!


More Pokemon

Watched the Pokemon Direct today on Nintendo. So excited for more things to come to the 3DS! I’m definitely going to buy the Gold version on VC, but I’m not 100% sure yet if I want to buy the UltraSun or UltraMoon version. I mean if it’s like a sequel then I’d have to get the Moon version, but if it’s an improved DLC thing (or alternate storyline, I don’t know what that means. :/) I’d go for the UltraSun. Either way it looks like my year’s Pokemon budget will be bust. I know Pokken Tournament’s coming to the Switch, but since I have yet to see a Switch in my area (curse you big cities!), and I have no interest in Pokemon things that’s not a main game (no Rumble, no Dungeon, no Shuffle, not even Pokemon Go since, well, that require walking and walking in Los Angeles will most likely get you run over). So at least I don’t have to “buy all the things!” when it comes one of the biggest franchise in the world.

Not that my gaming budge isn’t crazy, per se. I’m still waiting to see what the heck is Ever Oasis before taking the plunge of buying that. Argh, so many games to play. I really need to make a detailed list of what to tackle first because backlog is getting slightly crazy. You think Steam sales are bad, hoo boy, the dread I have to look at what’s sitting on my shelf unopened. First world problems, I know, but it’s still a problem.

More Switch!

I’m so excited about the Nintendo Switch announcement tonight.

I know I sound like a teenager (or younger?) but omg as a gamer who’s been playing Nintendo stuff since SNES I’m so so excited for a new dedicated gaming console from them! Wii and Wii U are fun but I miss the good old platforming controller where it’s your cramping fingers against the world kind of games haha. Well, I assume it won’t give me cramping fingers, technology advance and all, but the point stands.

I’m not even that big a Zelda fan (although I, uh, have played basically every Zelda game aside from Windwaker and the new ones after Skyward Sword, since I don’t own a Wii or Wii U), but when the Breath of the Wild Switch bundle (unconfirmed officially but I’m sure there will be one) drops I’ll have to pre-order it right away. I was talking to my s.o. about whether to try to pre-order a Switch by itself tonight, and he said ‘Not until they release games we both want to play’ which I thought was a sensible and valid response (opposite of my HYPE MUST GET NOW!!!! one, obviously). But who knows what’ll be announced and if I’m quick enough to get it? Nintendo’s not great on the supply side, especially when it comes to hardware in America, so I guess we’ll see. Twitchy fingers don’t fail me now!

I hope it’s not like $500 or something.

The NX

Nintendo released a teaser of their next console Switch today. I actually am excited, even though I am a pretty die hard fan of the dedicated handheld gaming platform. I play my 3DS every day and am still waiting for Nintendo of America to release a standalone console for the US (probably will never happen, now that Switch is announced, but I sure can dream.) Some people on reddit are doom-and-glooming about how now Nintendo’ll just go to phone games instead of any dedicated handheld. Well, I sure am not going to worry about what hasn’t happened. I skipped the Wii U because it doesn’t look like a “new” console when it came out. Switch certainly looks up-to-par with the, if not next, at least the current gen.

Also, this is a great marketing video:

Can I also say how happy I am about just how inclusive this trailer is? There are both men and women in groups playing with this console, and they also showed female e-sport pros in a mock Splatoon tournament. It’s great that Nintendo continues to brand itself as something for everyone and not just a certain core demographic at the expense of other equally potential (and viable and present) demographics. It’s why I’ve stuck with the brand since I was a kid, and now I’m well into adulthood and I still dutifully buy all the games available on the consoles I have (unfortunately it’s just my 3DS at the moment, but my library is quite huge in that aspect). We will have to see if this console takes off as well as the original Wii, but the hardware update at least will make it more competitive.

I’m looking forward to it. Maybe now they’ll release actual HD remakes of old Wii and Wii U games that I passed on, and also Virtual Console, where I can finally play some really old classics that I missed because I did not own a Gamecube or an N64.