Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War (Spoilers)

Major spoilers ahead! Although if I were you and you plan to watch this movie in any capacity, I’d recommend doing it soon. Because I’m so glad I got to watch it last night. It’s only been the opening weekend and the Internet is already rife with spoilers everywhere! I’d be seriously mad if I found out a major plot point from a Youtube comment or some such.

Spoilers spoiler spoilers:

Well, the gist of it is Thanos kills everyone. Divided by two. Wait for the sequel that’s certainly coming next year, probably next summer after Captain Marvel. I’m so glad I called it when I went “yeah this is just part 1 without naming it part 1.” I assume part 2 had already finished filming – you wouldn’t hire Tom Hiddleston for just a five-minute scene would you (would you? I hope not!)?

To note, kudos for the writers who managed to write a cohesive film with 22 major characters. Yes, most of the film is just fighting, lots and lots of fighting, but it felt like everyone got more or less an equal part according to their character weight (Thor, Ironman, and Doctor Strange got more screen time, I felt like, and Thanos, but, I mean, it’s Thanos, so.) It didn’t feel super long (although it did feel like a giant book with chapters, because, again, 22 major characters!) I think the next movie will be better, since Thanos killed half of them and it’s mostly the original Avengers that’re left (plus Rocket and Nebula, I believe, and maybe Antman, Wasp, and Captain Marvel). Anyway it’s gotta be easier to script so maybe we’ll have a more fleshed out story. I bet the first thing they’ll do is resurrect Vision, though, because his body is still around, and the science girl from Wakanda is presumably not dead either.

It lived up to the hype. I was worried it’d suck, but it was good! So my hype was not wasted haha. Now I’m getting ready for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, movie 2, which is still a good half year away, but my hype train is already going. Like I said I rarely get hyped over films or franchises, but more good Harry Potter film tend to make my day.

(Just please don’t name the next film Infinity +1 War, because that’s just silly.)


To Infinity And…Oops Wrong Universe

I’m so excited about Marvel’s Infinity War. Like, so fucking hyped! I can’t really explain why – I rarely get hyped over Marvel movies. I mean, I do watch them all (except Antman, the only side series I just have no interest in), and I generally like them, but I just don’t get crazy fangirl hyped. Very “not me,” if you will.

But I am so, so hyped for this movie! Perhaps it’s the finale in basically a “season” of movies, perhaps it’s my utmost fondness of large ensemble casts in various media, perhaps it’s just nice to watch Chris Evans again haha (I got my Loki fill in the last Thor movie, so that one’s sated). I don’t know. Either way I’m super pumped. I do wonder how long this movie’s going to be, though, because there’s like 20+ people involved and if each one has 5 min of dialogue that’s already over 100 min. I also wonder if there’s going to be a “part two.” They just won’t call it part two because that has gotten tacky ever since Harry Potter did it, it’ll be like “The Beyond” or something (argh, wrong universe again!), but it’s essentially Infinity War 2. (My husband wanted it to be named Infinity +1 War. I was like you’re not a dad yet why’re you making geeky dad jokes already?)

The kicker is that I actually may not be able to watch it this weekend. I always watch films on the second or third week, because one it’s easier to get good seats, two my husband dislike large crowds, especially children, while watching movies in theater, so we always went on like a Sunday night second week where it’s mostly couples or people avoiding the exact same situation he is. Me? I’m okay with a large crowd, especially with large blockbusters. Anyway, I’m hoping we can get some time to see it, but if not, and I have to wait until next week, I’d have to stay off ALL social media and pretty much the whole Internet to avoid spoilers. Especially tumblr. (One of my friends didn’t watch the new Thor movie, but she knew every single plot point and clever dialogue anyway due to tumblr gifs.) Maybe if the weekend’s sold out I’ll try on Monday night or something. Surely people have jobs and children to take care of the next day.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (Spoilers)

Finally saw this movie yesterday. My s.o. actually already saw it for free as a company event (working at a gaming company sure has its perks), but he liked it so much he went to see it again with me. I could’ve gone for free, too, but I left for China the day before its release so, yeah, I’m just glad it’s popular enough to be still playing four weeks later.

And it was great! It was funny and action-packed, and I’ve gotten a new respect for the character Yondu, which I don’t remember having at all in the first movie. Granted that was like three years ago and I don’t quite remember that much about it, but Yondu definitely didn’t stand out to me except that he was blue with a weird red fake-hawk thing. I think they did a great job with his character growth, and I was actually very sad in the end. I liked that they ended with a glorious funeral for him, though. It’s fitting and very cool.

My s.o. asked if Drax was gaslighting Mantis with the way he kept calling her ugly for comedic reasons. I was first, surprised he actually knew the term, and two, no, wrong term, it was negging that he was doing, kinda. I don’t feel offended or anything; I actually thought it was very unusual when they paired Drax and Mantis together in the way that they usually set a romantic “pairing” but just basically turned it on its head and went, uh, nope, completely the opposite reaction. And they didn’t sexualized Mantis even though she’s one of those “naive and innocent pixie” tropes. She’s just pure naive, not naively sexy (although she is powerful enough to make Ego sleep for a little bit). I mean I’m sure fanboys will still find her sexy and rule 34 it but the movie itself didn’t have super compromising situation where her boob’s hanging out or ass/thigh shots etc, which is super refreshing.

And Zune. I wonder how many millennials would get the joke. I mean I barely knew what Zune was and by the time I heard of it it was already dead, so. And I liked the whole father-son fake bonding thing that Starlord went through. I was a little bit worried that Mantis is going to be the “damsel in distress” and she kind of was at the end, BUT Quill also had a damsel moment when he was pierced by Ego’s tendrils and getting his energy sucked, so I think that balances it out. Look, I’m a feminist in the way that I want equal treatments. If you have sexy women then you better have sexy men, too. If you have weak women getting abducted but you also have weak men getting abducted (or strong women and men getting abducted) then I have no problem with it as a whole. It’s the imbalance that bothers me than the act itself.

I’m a little meh about the thing between Gamora and Nebula, though. It’s good that her story arc is not romance with Quill but reconciliation with her rival sister. I do like that they didn’t harp on the “and she’s a tender loving person after all” with Nebula. She’s still psychopathic and crazy and driven to kill people, but we see that she does care, actually a little bit more than Gamora seems, which is cool. I like the depth they added while keeping her bloodlust the same. It’s just that I’ve seen the arc before (blood is thicker than water and your sibling may want to kill you but they really do love you etc.), and so many more colorful craziness is in this film that it’s a little faded by comparison (but by no means drab). I guess the only weirdly tacked on thing is Ayesha and her cronies, but that kind of is the main plot, in a way, so it’s not really tacked on, just feels like so because this movie is a little bit unfocused and have a tad bit too many plots, although it pulled all of them off fairly well.

All in all I greatly enjoyed the movie (my s.o. liked it a lot more thought since he loves 80s stuff and all the music/theme/retro feel makes him ecstatic). I’m sure everyone had seen it by now although the theater was packed when we went, four weeks post release, so perhaps not yet. Man, summer comic movies are so awesome. I’m going to see Wonder Woman next week, and from what I heard about it so far it seems great too.