First Day

First day of Camp NaNo and I made my word count. Yay!!

But first days are always easy. It’s the habit that’s hard to form. So, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes, yeah?

My s.o.’s company is having Monday and Tuesday off due to Fourth of July, so we’re essentially having a four-day weekend. And what’re we doing with that? Housework. Yep, there’s a hole in the bedroom we have to patch. The entire upstairs need a good thorough cleaning. We gotta scoop out the dead plant in the planter outside that we’d neglected since, oh, we bought the house nearly a year ago. I’m thinking of trying to get a green thumb by planting something easy and simple like an herb. To do that we first need to buy new soil and seeds and all that good stuff. So, yeah, an entire four days devoted to mundane housework. I feel very much like we’re married right now.

We might go to Malibu one of these days. Probably Monday, if weather permitting. I mean it is So Cal so weather is 97% permitting all the time, but just in case. Need some good beach and ocean time to relax.


And The Day Marches On

Well, after my brief adventure in plumbing, I’m happy to report that the best possible outcome happened. Yay!!!

The plumber found a replacement part. It was a surprisingly expensive part, actually. Plus his labor we paid about 250 bucks for the whole thing. The good thing is that it’s still under home warranty so we got a rebate of 170 something so we basically just paid for the part. There is a considerate hole in our wall now that my s.o. will have to patch, but our shower’s working again and we did not spend over a grand on it, which is good!

I did not expect the whole shenanigan to seriously cut into my writing time. I need to get my headspace straight. I mean in the future I imagine a whole slew of things will cut into my writing time all the time, and I can’t let those things stop me. Otherwise I will never get anything done, you know? My dream will just be a dream, and it’s 99% my fault for not achieving it. (I attribute 1% to depression. Yes, it has an affect, but most of my lack of progress stems from my fears, not crippling depression.) Camp Nanowrimo July is coming up and I need to make progress. So this week I will try very hard to. I will report back on how I do probably on Thursday. It’s like once I get over 3 days I can keep going, but the third day always trips me up.

Plumbing Issues: Why Are There So Many Issues? – An Adventure

Here’re some ways how fixing a leaky shower due to broken cartridge suppose to go:

  1. If you have a matching cartridge, you go from the front. Unscrew the shower handle, take out the broken cartridge, put in the new one, rescrew, done.
  2. If you don’t have a matching cartridge, or you just feel like replacing the whole system with something newer, you go from the back. You cut a hole in the dry wall, you take out the whole system, you then put in your new cartridge/handle/trim, you patch up the dry wall, done.

Here’s what has happened:

  1. The plumber tries to unscrew the handle. Does not come off. Plumber doesn’t want to wreck the whole thing by prying so suggest going from the back. You decide hey, might as well change the whole system to your liking. You buy the new system, wait for plumber to come back.
  2. Plumber comes back, cuts a hole in the dry wall, discover there’s like three giant studs blocking off access to the valve. You can either cut up a lot of drywall, cut out the stud, replace valve, put stud back in the same place, patch up drywall, or you can go from the front, hiring a tile company to cut up the marble, plumber then replaces hardware, tile company then replaces marble. The first option is cheaper, so you decide, okay, let’s do that.
  3. Plumber asks when the house was built – 1972 – plumber immediately says he can’t cut up all the drywall without some documentation on asbestos. You’re pretty sure you HOA said there’s no asbestos in the walls. You go to HOA office, they can’t produce any documentation despite still saying there’s no asbestos in the walls. You tell plumber.
  4. Plumber says he can’t cut anything without documentation. You now have to go call an asbestos testing company to test before anyone can proceed. If they find asbestos it will be astronomical to remove. You consider, okay, in that case you’ll have to go from the front, which means cut up marble, which means, really, you might as well go replace the whole shower with all the work and time that’ll entail. You then, out of desperation, ask maybe the plumber can try to maybe jimmie that handle more from the front, just in case it comes off and you can just replace the damn cartridge.
  5. Plumber says sure. Plumber pries at the handle and lord have mercy it does come apart! But what make and model is this handle/cartridge? Unknown! Plumber says he’ll go check to see if his supplier has something similar, long shot. If he can’t find one he’ll at least make sure the leak’s fixed so you can have running water again, which you have turned off mostly since yesterday morning. Now plummer’s gone (and stuck in wonderful LA traffic, of course). You wait.
  6. There’s now a pretty big hole in your bedroom exposing those stupid giant studs blocking the valve. Your best case scenario means you have the cartridge replaced, you buy new handle to match trim and return the other system, you patch up giant square of 5/8 in thick drywall. Your worst case scenario means you patch up drywall, you find a shower installation company, you buy a new shower, you arrange getting that installed and pray there won’t be more problems. You cost is either 200+ bucks or…however much it’ll require to install a whole new shower.
  7. You don’t really like the world right now.

Plumbing Issues; No Water


So our shower basically started leaking while I was in China, and my s.o. got someone to check it out. They said it’s a faulty valve, but because the handle is corroded they couldn’t open it up and check the whole thing out. Because he was leaving for vacation for the month after they just let it be and put  stopper on the shower head. We’d deal with it when we come back, we decided.

And today we got another company to compare quotes and the guy managed to turn the handle. He was about to open it up but then the handle started leaking instead of the shower head and wouldn’t stop. He was not sure that if he opened everything up he’d be able to put it back in again, mostly because, you know, the thing’s corroded. We could either pay him to get a valve today or shut the water off until we can get the entire new set tomorrow. Thing is he was charging like at double the rate the first guy was charging for labor, so we said no. So today, yours truly would have to keep the main water valve shut except for periods of extended use, like shower or cooking. Bathroom is going to be a problem.

So I’m just going to to not stay home today for the most part. The library’s a short walk away, and instead of cooking my planned curry dish I’ll just go buy some microwave meal. Hopefully everything will be sorted out tomorrow morning. Hey, maybe I can finally get some work done for once, instead of being distracted at home with everything around me. I can also use the bathroom freely without making trips outside to turn the water on every time. Win-win?

A Quick Life Summary

Sorry I’ve been absent once again. Life is pretty boring right now, so not much happened. Granted I could write about the movies I’ve watched and the games I’m planning to play and all that, but they just sound so boring to read, even to me, so I’ll spare you the mundaneness? I probably will get back on track in a bit, right now I’m just going to do a quick thing before I start talking about some more serious life changes, perhaps.

The house is almost done with furnishing. We hired a guy and he got a TV mounted in the bedroom, so the only thing left to get is a TV stand and that one small end table for my workspace downstairs. That’s it. We’ve put up the bookshelves and filled them with my books and my s.o.’s nerdy figurines (ok, both mine and his, but his comprised of at least 70%). There’re plenty of space for more books/figurines so it’s futureproof. We got an armoire for the front entrance and now all our coats and shoes aren’t just draping haphazardly off chairs and strewn all over the place. All were IKEA, and my s.o. had to get one of his friends/co-worker to help him put them up, since I’m too short and weak to do anything. We joked about keeping it a secret because as a friend it’s no big deal but as a kinda boss with a kinda subordinate it’s kinda iff-y, if you know what I mean. So shhhhhh.

My in-laws are coming for a week in April to check out our new house. I’m kind of nervous because, hey, who wouldn’t be if your in-laws stay and you’re not the best housekeeping wife there is. Nor the best independent-woman wife. Nor the best writer wife. (All around fail omg.) So you see why I’m a bit trepidatious. I can maybe bake stuff ok, so maybe I’ll bake a cake or something. But they’re Asian so western cakes maybe aren’t their thing either. OMG. So many issues!

We are going to be out of the country for most of May. My s.o. had wanted to go to Japan since forever, and he thought if we don’t go now we’ll have kids soon and stuff (hoping, nothing concrete) and then we won’t be able to go for a long time. So we bit the bullet and decided to just make a good round trip where I go see my family whom I haven’t seen in years in China and this trip in one go. We plan to go to Kyoto first and then Tokyo, because of the onsen and the more interesting architecture and etc. Tokyo sure is cool but I’ve seen Hong Kong and been to Shanghai so yes, it’s different, but not as different as Shinto temples and ryokans from a modernized city. So it’ll be fun, jetlag and food poisoning and possible leaking radiation from Fukushima and all (my mother was all freaked out about it and we couldn’t calm her down no matter what). So I’ll keep up the update for more exciting things to come. Right now, though, it’s just the same old routine of work and maintenance. Life is boring.

Those Damn Windows

So I’m supposed to have these few windows of my new house replaced, oh, like ever since we moved in a couple of months ago. After some ridiculous waits because they somehow lost one of our windows, we’re finally getting them installed today. Hurrah? Nope! Apparent one of the windows (probably the same re-made one) was made of the wrong thickness and cannot be installed. What the hell? This meant another few weeks to remake it, and then reinstall, which means it’ll be next year before anything happens. Like seriously? Does everything you do for a house take forever? I mean it took an entire month (and three exchanges) for us to get a mattress delivered that’s not torn from the get go. We’re also still waiting on a stove/dishwasher combo we bought two weeks ago. Like, wow, life sure is a lot of useless waiting. Maybe that’s what being rich buys you, less waiting time? Or do the super rich also have to deal with useless waiting and exchanges, too?