I Win! For once.

I actually made my word count for July Camp NaNoWriMo! Yay!!!

I set a word goal of 16000 words on my novel this month. Yeah, it’s not much, but hey, I actually accomplished what I set out to do this one time. Wow. More than a decade of trying both NaNo and Camp NaNo and never making past halfway of any of my goals, and today is the day. July 2017. Jesus Christ I am horrible at this furious writing thing.

But I’m not going to dwell on all of my past failings, at least not today. I made a word count goal at the beginning of the month, and I’m at it now. So. Kudos to me. I’m going to go have some ice cream to celebrate.

The official winning banner!

Small, Happy Things

I called a friend that I haven’t been talking to for, oh about ten years?, today. We knew each other from middle school, actually, and kept in touch for a good while during and after college. Then I moved away to go to grad school and he stayed and we kind of just lost touch, with me moving constantly for the past decade. Neither one of us use facebook much – and it’s a miracle that we both kept our phone numbers. Anyway, he texted me last week out of the blue and I thought, holy shit, I should really re-kindle this friendship I’m like a horrible hermit as is, so, well, today we finally called each other and caught up on a ten-year lag of friendship.

It was awesome! I can now officially say that I know a rocket scientist! (Well of course his job is a little bit more technical than that but eh). He’s now married and has a house but still staying in the same place, and I’m the same but a million miles away. I don’t think we’re going to physically see each other much – but that’s why Skype’s invented. Ah technology, keeping old friends together through thick and thin (and decade-long lapses). We decided to do what I and a bunch of my other close friends that are separated by sheer amount of distance do, which is just videochat once every few months or so. I know the young-uns are doing this all the time already, but bear with me, I’m old. And a hermit. And have limited number of close friends who’re also old(er) and hermits (somewhat). Life of an introverted geek surrounded by other geeky friends, I suppose.

Still I’m very happy about this. This just makes me want to re-connect with a few other friends of mine from college. I really should try. Sure, we can’t all go out every weekend, but at least as you get older there’re other people who’re aging with you, and eventually that’s going to make life much more bearable.