Tomorrow I Go

Tomorrow I’m going to be on a plane to go visit my family in China. I haven’t seen them in a few years so I’m super excited! And also fearful, as everyone tends to do when they’re traveling. I mean, it’s weird but China is becoming more and more like a foreign country to me, even though I speak the language and I have family there and it’s getting more westernized all the time. I just feel super American, you know? Worse, in that I kind of knew how I’m supposed to act but kind of not know, so it’s this weird combo thing where it’s like the uncanny valley of unfamiliarity. I think if I just look completely white or black or not Chinese I might feel easier, because people expect one thing of me that they don’t necessarily expect from someone who looks almost like them. Anyway, I’ll be in China by myself for a bit before joining my s.o. on a nice vacation to Japan. It’ll be fun and relaxing! Hopefully.

It does mean I’m not going to be able to update for a whole month, because this website is 100% blocked in China, and Japan’s Internet is a bit crazy to travelers so who knows if I can get online or not. I would love to detail my travels but alas, it won’t get posted, if that. So I guess we’ll have to find out after I get back. Cheers everyone!



My in-laws are visiting me and staying for a week. They’ll be here tomorrow, and I’m just frantically cleaning last bit of stuff. You know how it feels when in-laws come, right? It’ll be one thing if I have like a visible 60-hr a week job, but I kind of don’t. And I can’t cook that well. And if the house is a mess well, I guess I really fail at being a wife person, or a human being. Oy.

I know I’m a little bit irrational because I don’t want them to hate me. I mean I’ve been working (and will continue to work even when they’re here, of course), but writing is such a long, invisible job. You are tired from working but to others they just feel like you haven’t done anything unless you lock yourself up in your room and don’t sleep for a week or something. Then they’re like, ok, you’re tired. But seriously who does that? I mean, people do that, but you can’t keep that up. Plus, you don’t write your best if you just churn out stuff nonstop your brain would seriously just go “ok here’s some stupid things because I’m tired yo”. Unless you do drugs – well, maybe that’s why writers do drugs? I don’t feel like abusing any substance so I suppose I’ll look like the worst slacker person ever, who can’t cook, and since I’m a woman and we don’t have babies yet, and I’m not like a model-level pretty – yeah, I think I’m going to stop here before I convince myself that my in-laws think I’m a useless human being and gripe about how my s.o. sucked at marrying yeesh.

Bad Traveling Plans

So my s.o. and I are going on a round-trip across the world in May. He wanted to go to Japan for the longest time and I wanted to see my family in China. His cousin was also getting married then, too, so we decided to combine all that in one trip. The ticket was cheap, so that’s good, and the planning all worked out okay. But the trip there is terrible. It’ll take me 18+ hours to get to China and it’ll take my s.o. 19+ hours, because we’re flying Japan Airlines and there’s a required stop in Tokyo. Compared to the previous times we basically only flew 10+ hours to and back, this seems really inconvenient. I’ll be ok I suppose, but my s.o. can’t sleep on planes. Like, he hates planes (OCD does that to ya) so he’s never comfortable enough to sleep. We’re traveling separately too, so I hope he’ll cope okay.

I’m trying to figure out how to juggle my sleep schedule to accommodate. It’s a good thing that I won’t be doing anything once I arrive in China, just staying at my grandma’s house and chill for like, a week. So I suppose I got plenty of time to adjust jet lag and get through that notorious diarrhea you get when you’re there haha. Meh. I get to see my family, especially with both my grandmothers being pretty damn old (a good thing! They’re both quickly approaching their 90s so, hey, not many people can boast that) and not in the best of health. I gotta go and see them and say I love them as much as I can.

A Quick Life Summary

Sorry I’ve been absent once again. Life is pretty boring right now, so not much happened. Granted I could write about the movies I’ve watched and the games I’m planning to play and all that, but they just sound so boring to read, even to me, so I’ll spare you the mundaneness? I probably will get back on track in a bit, right now I’m just going to do a quick thing before I start talking about some more serious life changes, perhaps.

The house is almost done with furnishing. We hired a guy and he got a TV mounted in the bedroom, so the only thing left to get is a TV stand and that one small end table for my workspace downstairs. That’s it. We’ve put up the bookshelves and filled them with my books and my s.o.’s nerdy figurines (ok, both mine and his, but his comprised of at least 70%). There’re plenty of space for more books/figurines so it’s futureproof. We got an armoire for the front entrance and now all our coats and shoes aren’t just draping haphazardly off chairs and strewn all over the place. All were IKEA, and my s.o. had to get one of his friends/co-worker to help him put them up, since I’m too short and weak to do anything. We joked about keeping it a secret because as a friend it’s no big deal but as a kinda boss with a kinda subordinate it’s kinda iff-y, if you know what I mean. So shhhhhh.

My in-laws are coming for a week in April to check out our new house. I’m kind of nervous because, hey, who wouldn’t be if your in-laws stay and you’re not the best housekeeping wife there is. Nor the best independent-woman wife. Nor the best writer wife. (All around fail omg.) So you see why I’m a bit trepidatious. I can maybe bake stuff ok, so maybe I’ll bake a cake or something. But they’re Asian so western cakes maybe aren’t their thing either. OMG. So many issues!

We are going to be out of the country for most of May. My s.o. had wanted to go to Japan since forever, and he thought if we don’t go now we’ll have kids soon and stuff (hoping, nothing concrete) and then we won’t be able to go for a long time. So we bit the bullet and decided to just make a good round trip where I go see my family whom I haven’t seen in years in China and this trip in one go. We plan to go to Kyoto first and then Tokyo, because of the onsen and the more interesting architecture and etc. Tokyo sure is cool but I’ve seen Hong Kong and been to Shanghai so yes, it’s different, but not as different as Shinto temples and ryokans from a modernized city. So it’ll be fun, jetlag and food poisoning and possible leaking radiation from Fukushima and all (my mother was all freaked out about it and we couldn’t calm her down no matter what). So I’ll keep up the update for more exciting things to come. Right now, though, it’s just the same old routine of work and maintenance. Life is boring.