Camp NaNo July

Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I’m, of course, trying again. It’s a good thing I can put my own word count goal – only about 16000 words this time. I know it’s an odd number but life got a bit more complications so I had to adjust accordingly; I started off at 20000. I may adjust it again mid-month once I know more details about my schedule (and possible house guests!). It’s better to do do-able and conservative than over-estimate and then get stressed and run out of steam. That’s my demon, by the way, stress and fear making me run out of steam quicker than you can say ‘balloon pop’. But such is life.

I’m taking today off from writing to prep. Mostly just reading and planning out my Bulletjournal. Gotta make all the widgets for July, you know? My husband is a much, much better artist with much, much classier penmanship than me, so I’m totally enlisting some of his free time so he can decorate my Camp NaNoWriMo page. Make an occasion of things and it’ll seem more official, which in turn makes it all the more appealing to strive for. At least that’s what I tell myself. We’ll see how much of this grand plan works out.


A Bullet a Day

I’ve started a bullet journal. I’ve read about it and was curious, but didn’t take the plunge until I got a new journal (swag from my s.o.’s workplace) and thought, eh, why not? Can’t hurt. It’s setup really basic and I now once again am reminded how horrible my handwriting is, but at least I got this blank canvas to practice on, right? Also, if this works out I can finally use up all of my blank journals just sitting in the spare room. What can I say? I collect these things and then write like a page and then forget about them. Ugh.

I’ve seen some youtube and pinterest pages where people do amazing artistic things with them. Well, I’m no artist, so the best I can manage is using different color pens and draw like emojis or simple icons. You know, the longer you work and live you just slowly realize life is just a collection of things you need to do to continue living. It’s not a grand adventure. You’re not a hero or villain (well, most people aren’t, I can’t speak for top politicians or serial killers or fire fighters etc.). I’m lucky to need to worry about taking showers and installing tvs and calling doctors and not running away from ISIS or whatever. So might as well record this boring mundane life in short hand form to see exactly how boring my life really is. With pretty pictures, eventually, I hope.