I got hooked into a city builder/survival game my husband bought on Steam called “Frostpunk.” It’s like steampunk, but cold, so frostpunk, see? It’s an indie game developed by the same people who did “This War of Mine” (a game that I’ve had on my wishlist FOREVER but just can’t bring myself to buy it, because it’s too fucking depressing!). I played it on Easy because 1) I’m a wuss and 2) my husband played it on Normal and was complaining the whole time about how people kept on dying left and right, so I was like, okay, let me first play it on mild so I can get the hang of it and then we can move onto harder difficulties, alright?

It’s great fun. I sunk some serious hours into it already although I only started playing like 2 days ago. The basic premise is that humanity has died off, mostly, except for this one group of people who managed to make their way north (why would you go NORTH in the northern hemisphere when the world is basically freezing over? Wouldn’t you first try to go toward the equator?) and found this one generator that they have to build a city around and survive on. It’s the Victorian era so it’s heavy, heavy steampunk, with automatons and hot air balloons and clockwork gears – just up my aesthetic alley. If your people get angry enough (and they do, a lot, because they’re starving/freezing/tired/etc.), it’s game over. If hope falls low enough, it’s game over. If your generator explodes because you taxed it too much during a cold snap (that makes people angry and lose hope), it’s game over. Lots and lots of game overs. And people do die, because you have limited amount of medics and limited amount of heat and limited amount of food, and when someone dies the people’s hope falls, which makes them angry, and then it’s game over. And repeat.

I love it. Yes, I’m a wuss, but I started a new game in medium and it’s not TOO bad, BUT I haven’t played that many days in so we’ll see. There’s a “story” of some sort if you reach milestones like after certain days or build certain structures, but it’s just window dressing I feel like. It’s good that it’s there, don’t get me wrong! But the real draw is still the city building. I actually am not a fan of city builders EXCEPT for the survival kind like “Banished”, and now, this.



Went to get my ultrasound done. Turns out they’ll have to send it to radiology and then in 2-3 business days I can call my doctor for a result. Great. More waiting. I was also required to consume 32oz of water an hour before the test. Thought my bladder was going to burst. Am okay now.

On a happier note, I finally was able to pre-order a Nintendo Switch. Been wanting once since it came out like six months ago. Couldn’t find a lick of it anywhere in So Cal, let along L.A. Now they’ve come out with the Mario bundle so I just jumped at the chance. The red controllers are much prettier than the standard two colors. Plus I can finally go play Breath of the Wild ffs! That’s the only game I want anyway. Crazy how hard it was to get that demand met.

And now I’m going to grill some squid for dinner. Ciao!


I really should be talking about my Japan trip. But it’s E3 this week and I’ve been horrible, and I mean just horrible, with my work ethics lately. So I think it’s best, probably, that I wait until all the conferences are over and I can concentrate again. (Kind of ironic that making myself write the things I’m suppose to write, that I planned to write, i.e. the trip, would kind of counteract the whole procrastination thing because I actually didn’t put off what I was supposed to do, but, alas, what can you do?) So, yes, tomorrow (hopefully!) I will recount the trip. At least the Kyoto portion. Yeesh.

But today I probably will be working a little (should be a lot but, ugh, again, I suck at this working thing) but there’re two conferences that I like to watch so….we’ll see how much actually gets done. The Sony one, especially. And hopefully tomorrow we get to find out a few more thing about Nintendo (no way I’m getting up at 8 am just to watch a Treehouse presentation, though) and I finally can get my hand on that Ever Oasis demo. God knows that game needs a demo for me to decide if I want to buy it on day one or not. It looks so charming and Fantasy Life-like, but is it? People are griping about the tutorial length already (I for one, don’t mind lengthy tutorials if they’re cute and charming, which it looks like it is.). I’m just glad Nintendo is still doing the demo thing at all.

Pax West!

Managed to snag tickets for me and my s.o. for Pax West again this year. AND the closest hotel to the venue. All thanks to a very loud leafblower waking me up around 9 am this morning (I went to bed at 3 am, okay?…yeah I know my sleep schedule sucks and I need help well I’m trying!). The tickets went on sale around noon and as soon as my Twitter notification popped I immediately got on the web and voila, tickets are mine!

It seems the ticket and hotel buying queue is much smoother this year than before. The past few times I always manage to get in queue the minute (or second) the Twitter feed pop but this time I only waited about 10 min before getting through, while before it was easily 15-20. And I got the hotels too instead of being in queue like before (the one I booked pretty much sold out immediately after my transaction closed.) So very smooth sailing, to my surprise. And as of this moment there are still Monday tickets available – maybe they got more tickets this year? Or they actually successfully fought off scalpers to a larger degree? Either case, such smooth ticket buying process. I hope it continues next year.

I think this year will be the last year for me to go to PAX for a while. Next year I hopefully will have a baby by then; regardless I won’t be going. And if I do have a kid then it’ll be quite a few years before I can go anywhere for days at a time. So I’m going to make this year count. It’s great and fun, and eventually, when my children grow up (hopefully to little gamers, too) we can all try to get tickets as a family. It’ll be an entirely difference experience then.

Now I’m just looking forward to E3. First conference starts Saturday with EA. Can’t wait for the rest of the weekend!

More Pokemon

Watched the Pokemon Direct today on Nintendo. So excited for more things to come to the 3DS! I’m definitely going to buy the Gold version on VC, but I’m not 100% sure yet if I want to buy the UltraSun or UltraMoon version. I mean if it’s like a sequel then I’d have to get the Moon version, but if it’s an improved DLC thing (or alternate storyline, I don’t know what that means. :/) I’d go for the UltraSun. Either way it looks like my year’s Pokemon budget will be bust. I know Pokken Tournament’s coming to the Switch, but since I have yet to see a Switch in my area (curse you big cities!), and I have no interest in Pokemon things that’s not a main game (no Rumble, no Dungeon, no Shuffle, not even Pokemon Go since, well, that require walking and walking in Los Angeles will most likely get you run over). So at least I don’t have to “buy all the things!” when it comes one of the biggest franchise in the world.

Not that my gaming budge isn’t crazy, per se. I’m still waiting to see what the heck is Ever Oasis before taking the plunge of buying that. Argh, so many games to play. I really need to make a detailed list of what to tackle first because backlog is getting slightly crazy. You think Steam sales are bad, hoo boy, the dread I have to look at what’s sitting on my shelf unopened. First world problems, I know, but it’s still a problem.

Fallen London

I finally figured out (and am beginning to enjoy) the game Fallen London.

I’ve tried to play this game a while ago, probably at least six months ago. It was a browser game made by the same team that made Sunless Sea (this is also on my Steam Wishlist but I still haven’t gotten around to buying it yet), and they made an ios app about a year or so ago. It sounded awesome, so I downloaded it and played – and promptly got super confused and just kind of gave up, eventually uninstalled it. It’s a shame because it’s a story game with gothic/Victorian/steampunk vibe – JUST up my alley, actually. They probably could use a much better tutorial because if you just started a lot of unfamiliar text is dumped on you at once. And it was never made clear that a huge part of your progression through the story is with the chance cards you draw, which was what I was stuck on. So I moved on.

Well, today I decided, hey, let’s give this another try. It seemed that they made things a little bit clearer now, and I progressed, and now I’m properly hooked. (Like I should be since, like I said, everything about it appealed to me once I figured out how to actually “play.”) I’ve decided to pick the Shadowy trait to level first – mostly pickpocketing. It’s working out very well for me! Now of course since it’s a free-to-play mobile game there’s a lot of waiting for energy to recharge – but I don’t mind. In fact, since there’s so many reading going on, you’d need a good break between playing sessions. You’re essentially reading a huge choose-your-own-adventure story gated with leveling. Sure, definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but for a writer who adores the genre and doesn’t mind grinding at all in games (hello JRPGs!), this game is turning out to be pretty damn awesome.

Now if only I can figure out how to add “friends”. There’s a reddit list of active players that I’d like to add myself to, but don’t know if that’ll have to come later in the story or not. Right now my character is just starting out. At least she’s bought herself a crappy gray dress and a single happy gold fish.

Less Depressed, Better Day

Things I’m going to do today that I’ve basically been putting off the past week:

  • Do laundry. Holy crap, the amount of stuff I have to go through is insane now. It’s not even hard, just, no motivation. Do it!
  • Work solidly for two playlists. Yes, I have to resort to the mentality of “there’s no limit, it doesn’t matter if you write pure gibberish, you’re just listening to this awesome youtube mix for an hour at a time, and writing an afterthought. Do this twice and your’e done.” That is what’s keeping me going these days, with limited success, but hey, at least I got an hour of something out instead of zero.
  • Play Stardew Valley for realsies haha. I’ve spent like 8 hrs total on it already and kept on wanting to start over because of the different layouts for the farm. One day I’m like “ooh the forest one is so tranquil but I have no space” and the next I’m like “ooh all these space in the standard to customize my farm but it’s so boring looking!” etc. etc. Yeah… Good game still, though.
  • Finish that RP app. I’ll talk about this later. Not today. It’s too nerdy and dumb, but I promise I’ll talk about it because, why not?

And that’s it. Small goals. Mainly, do that one chore you’ve been putting of and work 2 hours. How hard can this be? Really?