Now – Something Fangirl-y and Happy

So my s.o. follows an artist on Deviantart called Artgerm. Usually he draws really busty and scantily clad women or really macho men from video games, anime, comics, etc. He’s very good and the art is usually tasteful so I like his work, although I don’t follow him because he doesn’t really cater to audiences like me. But two days I ago I was just talking to my s.o. and he opened the tab to check on Artgerm, and then this popped up:


Link to original, better quality image © Artgerm.

Apparently, for a class exercise with his students he drew a bunch of portraits of the men from the otome game Mystic Messenger, which I just happen to be playing obsessively for the past month…yeah…

This pic is now my phone’s lockscreen wallpaper. You have no idea how much discovering this cheered me up that day. When everyone around you is depressed with the current world affairs, finding a bishonen fanwork from someone you always thought “man, if only you could draw this once in a while” can really, really make your smile, even for a few minutes.