Picking Up – And Different Goals!

It’s been a while again. Boy, why do I always do this to myself? Or rather, to this journal? I really can’t keep a consistent blog for the life of me, can I? Oh well, I’ll just do what I can.

Anyway, it’s August, and I tried to do Camp NaNoWriMo July and failed, sort of. It’s more like I started to write my novel and realized there’re some fundamental issues with my plot and character growth, so I stopped writing words altogether and went back to the basics of plotting and outlining and wracking my brain trying to solve some serious logistic issues. And I’m happy to say that: well, the kinks aren’t all ironed out, BUT a good portion is going okay, so I’m just going to spend probably the rest of this week to seriously outline the thing before I pick it back up again – this time to finish.

Yes, I’ve decided that the first draft has gone on long enough. I’ve worked on this for at least two years now, approaching two and a half, and I’m just really sick and tired of working on it for now. So I’m going to stop writing it by the end of September, and declare it finished, even if I might be a couple chapters or two short. I will spend October planning something else, for christ’s sake, and for this year’s NaNoWriMo I will be writing another project, because goddamn, my brain is just so tired of thinking about this novel already.

Next year I will of course start second draft, which will (hopefully) be faster and better. But that’s next year. I need a serious, major change of pace, and I’m going to just do it.