Friday Fictioneers – #13

I hope this isn’t too subtle. I’ve been reading E. M. Forster and class is on my mind.

Photo Prompt:

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.


Sunday Brunch

My mother has that same bowl.

That was what Beulah saw when she walked into the Stantons’ living room. Not the fine china, the taffeta curtains, or the fresh yogurt on the kitchen table. It was the plain, almost tacky bowl, one that her mother had kept half-blackened banana in for baking, that drew her attention.

“Hey, you’re early,” Nick came out from the back. “Oh…yeah, that. It’s my Gran’s. Dad wanted to chuck it, said it ‘broke the aesthetic.’ Whatever; I think it’s cool. We had it since forever.” He grabbed the keys. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” Beulah nodded, and smiled.


5 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – #13

  1. Lovely story. Nick seems like a nice guy. The way he guesses what Beulah is thinking and says something nice about the bowl is very endearing. Well done!

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