I got hooked into a city builder/survival game my husband bought on Steam called “Frostpunk.” It’s like steampunk, but cold, so frostpunk, see? It’s an indie game developed by the same people who did “This War of Mine” (a game that I’ve had on my wishlist FOREVER but just can’t bring myself to buy it, because it’s too fucking depressing!). I played it on Easy because 1) I’m a wuss and 2) my husband played it on Normal and was complaining the whole time about how people kept on dying left and right, so I was like, okay, let me first play it on mild so I can get the hang of it and then we can move onto harder difficulties, alright?

It’s great fun. I sunk some serious hours into it already although I only started playing like 2 days ago. The basic premise is that humanity has died off, mostly, except for this one group of people who managed to make their way north (why would you go NORTH in the northern hemisphere when the world is basically freezing over? Wouldn’t you first try to go toward the equator?) and found this one generator that they have to build a city around and survive on. It’s the Victorian era so it’s heavy, heavy steampunk, with automatons and hot air balloons and clockwork gears – just up my aesthetic alley. If your people get angry enough (and they do, a lot, because they’re starving/freezing/tired/etc.), it’s game over. If hope falls low enough, it’s game over. If your generator explodes because you taxed it too much during a cold snap (that makes people angry and lose hope), it’s game over. Lots and lots of game overs. And people do die, because you have limited amount of medics and limited amount of heat and limited amount of food, and when someone dies the people’s hope falls, which makes them angry, and then it’s game over. And repeat.

I love it. Yes, I’m a wuss, but I started a new game in medium and it’s not TOO bad, BUT I haven’t played that many days in so we’ll see. There’s a “story” of some sort if you reach milestones like after certain days or build certain structures, but it’s just window dressing I feel like. It’s good that it’s there, don’t get me wrong! But the real draw is still the city building. I actually am not a fan of city builders EXCEPT for the survival kind like “Banished”, and now, this.


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