Writing Reboot

I started working again. After the two-month health hiatus. Before I continued anything, though, I did a thorough re-evaluation of what I’ve written so far. Because I’m pretty much half way in (got 40k words, aiming for 80k now instead of 60k because that’s just not long enough) I thought it’d be a good idea to see what needed work, how the timeline changed, character development, etc. Well, let’s just say I spent a good few days re-writing the entire outline. And what I’ve realized is – holy crap there’s a whole lot of holes I have to fill that I have not written yet. Including any and all research on the McGuffin item that I’m going for. Great.

So. I’ve decided that I’m going to go back and sorta star over? No, I’m not rewriting the entire novel, but I am going to go and streamline what I’ve written and fill in the holes. Which is quite a feat because I’ve kind of re-written the entire character development arc of a character, and so NONE of her pieces had been written. Great. But I figure if I do now just saves me time to do later. I mean it doesn’t do me any good to finish the first draft and then basically have to rewrite 90% of the second draft when I can finish the first draft a bit later and rewrite 50% of the second draft, right? I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m going with the first option right now. Plus, I feel really stuck on where I am because so much had change since I started that I don’t even know my character’s motivation anymore because it changed in the course of me writing. I assume that’s the normal process of writing but my god, sure feels like pulling teeth. And unproductive. I just have to steadily add words. How hard can that be?

(yeah, rhetorical depressing question don’t think about it too much).