Continuing Health Update

I’m a bit anxious today, because apparently the lab the does ultrasound work on weekends (?!) and they already got my result in by Sunday. My doctor called me yesterday and I missed it (I mean, I really didn’t expect a result that quickly), so I called back today and of course he’s busy with patients now and can’t talk to me. I’m sitting here waiting to hear what’s wrong with me so it’s making me a little antsy. I should be working right now and it’s not happening, but I need to cope, you know?

I suspect it’s just my fibroid getting bigger suddenly, which it’s known to happen. I would like to get it removed if that’s the case, but man, is it hard to get a timely appointment with my ob/gyn. The next appointment is literally a month from now. I’m not expecting the situation to change much (hopefully not, and until my doctor calls back I’m only guessing it’s the fibroid, not confirming), but more waiting is not good for my mental health haha. I did learn that I can actually message my doctor through their online system so I’m all like, hey, that sounds like a great idea! I’ll see if this nets me a closer appointment date, or at least ask him for referral for a surgeon or something.

In the meantime life needs to go on, but I’m just sitting here waiting for the phone to ring.


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