Returning Home

Well, my husband is coming back today. Yay!!

Yeah, I blame loneliness on that depressive episode. Definitely. Now it’s going to be remedied, so, woot!

I’ll have to be honest that I was a little bit scared for him when he got on the plane in Shanghai. Because he was supposed to transfer at Seoul (he was flying Korean Airlines), and the time of course coincided with the exact time Kim Jong Un screaming about shooting missiles at Guam. With the tendency of North Korea always threatening things granted I wasn’t at all worried that the missiles would actually reach anywhere near Guam, and 99.9999% sure they wouldn’t be fired in the first place per the usual pattern. But there was that small nagging feeling that, well, if the missiles did get fired it certainly could reach a domestic flight from Seoul heading toward the US. Tiny, but still there, and so I didn’t quite sleep last night either. Of course I checked news to see if any missiles were fired (none), but I don’t think anxiety knows when to shut off, you know?

Anyway, I’m feeling happy today. And my back hurts from me cleaning the house last night (way way way way overdue), but nothing a good stretching session wouldn’t fix.



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