Well, this week was a wash.

I didn’t think I’d have a full-blown depressive episode. I think it’s a combination of both missing my s.o. and frustration with my novel. I mean, duh, but how much that had affected me took me by surprise. I think it’s mostly the novel, though. If my s.o. were here I’d have someone to bitch to, and he’d make me feel better somehow, and it wouldn’t be this bad. I’d be slightly productive instead of doing nothing but watch TV and Youtube for the past week. Yeah. Not cool.

I’m doing better today. I just decided to not sleep last night. Not a great decision – I need about two gallons of coffee now – but it somehow busted me out of my useless mindset. No idea why or how. Not sure if it makes any sense whatsoever. But hey, I turned my computer on for the first time in three days (I’ve been using my tablet for binging on crappy shows). I’m writing this blog again, which is writing! My mind’s clear (I did sleep a little after the sun came up). And I’m listening to Adele’s 25 and there’s nothing Adele and a good cry can’t fix. (So bloody glad I saw her live when she came to LA, 180 dollar ticket notwithstanding). I’m hopeful that I’ll get something productive done today. Fingers crossed.