13 Reasons Why (No Spoilers)

I’ve started watching 13 Reasons Why as a continuation of serious topic depressing film binge. Kinda. Anyway, I had no idea what exactly it’s about except something involving suicide (not a spoiler, you literally knew this within first sentence spoken). And at first it was, well, the normal kind of stuff you expect in film when someone dies young and unexpectedly. I really didn’t get into it the first half of the episode. It was slow and it was about high school, and I’m way too old to be the demographic (also I never was into teenage angst or drama in fiction, not even when I was actually in high school). So it was kind of meh for a while.

And of course then the “hook” comes and I was like, whoa, this has now become very interesting! So now I want to binge (shouldn’t! Stayed up way too late last night and so woke up way too late this morning and, yeah…don’t start watching new Netflix series at midnight please) on it. I like how that it turned from people grieving and all that stuff into sort of a semi-murder mystery. And I guess it gave me a glimpse of what current teenagers have to deal with, maybe? I don’t know, it seems like it, because I never had to deal with mass texting and instagram and all those stuff when I was a kid. Which now I think is a great, great blessing.

I’ve only finished 2 episodes (cause you know I have to get up and work and stuff) so far and I think I need to pace myself. Not because I want to, but I found that I absorb and digest screen media best if I limit it to 2 hours a day or so. It’s like anymore then all the plot starts to get jumbled together and any impact those previous episodes had loses its meaning somehow. So it’ll be a bit before I finish it. I am very excited to!

Don’t worry, I’ll watch Moana after this. Not going to binge on heavy stuff for too long a time.


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