My husband just left for a two-week trip. I’m feeling kind of lonely, so hey, what’s a better time to blog than now?

It’s been a while since I’ve been left by myself completely while husband goes on a trip. Usually we travel together, or like the last time I left first and then we came back together. It’s kind of lonely, and by kind of I mean very. I cried a little bit because I miss him. He’d never left this late before which contributed. If he were to travel during the morning then by the time night rolls I around I got a whole day to get readjusted and my feelings sorted out, and then everything’s fine. Now I’m just sad. Your house really doesn’t sound so quiet until you’re truly by yourself, you know? Then you’re like, oy, it’ll be two weeks of this? Yeesh!

I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ve lived alone for so long before getting together with someone, but then you get used to it, right? I’m sure at some point I was like dude leave me alone it’s too loud in here! The total opposite of now. My husband’s flight is about 12 +3-4 hours (layover) total. So by the time I wake up tomorrow morning he should be able to video chat me. So that’s not too bad. I always do this, actually, when we’re apart. I would be super sad for a few days and then in a week I’ll be back to “alone” mode and everything’s normal again. (Having friends to hang out with also help, but not a requisite.)

I’ve decided that to battle boredom I’m just going to clean the entire friggin’ house for the next two weeks. I don’t mean the usual vaccum/dust/mop thing. I mean like, sort every single crap we’ve neglected to put away these, um, six months? Longer? Anyway, sort everything and put them in their respective places (and if there’s no places yet, make one, new house and all) and then clean everything. The amount of junkmail that we need to shred is like a giant basketfull just sitting on the dining room table. Plus more files/books/knickknacks/souvenirs from travel etc. etc. Hoo, that plus work will keep me busy. Before you know it my husband’ll be back and he’ll be like wow, you’ve been so productive and I’d be like, yeah… I missed you so ultra organization mode kicked in. Then we can actually invite people over without me thinking how messy this house is. I’d consider that a win.


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